I believe I'm being targeted for some reason.

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Hey, for everyone that doesn't know me, I'm Lambeau.

That's it for the introduction, now to the nitty gritty.

As of last night, I had no virus attacks on my computer for almost 4 months. Then, as soon as I got on the internet today when I got home, I had 5 attacks in the first 3 minutes, and then another 30 in the 20 minutes that followed. I haven't gone to any site i normally wouldn't go to. Facebook, ZI, Hollywoodundead.com, Gmail, Hotmail, etc. and I haven't installed any new software in about 5 months, but each time I went to a new page it would detect at least 1 virus attack on my computer. My firewall and AV stopped it, luckily, but I'm still uneasy. What can I do to protect myself better?