Multi boot from usb

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Hello everyone i been doing some research on how to make a multi bootable disc of antiviruses i have seen quite of few tools out there but the only thing is there are a few more tools i would like to add to the project which cant because they were only made to boot otheres. Well one of the tools i came apawn was its a awsome tool that some guy named david created which made a multi boot of a bunch of rescue discs the only thing is it says u can install extras and what they mean by that is create menu lists and all that programming stuff which i dont know how to do. there are a couple of more antivirus tools i woould like to use with this tool but like i said i dontknow what to do i been reading and it says to extract the iso to the extra folder and edit the .cfg file so u can edit the menu and enable the extra folder now from there i dont know what to do its for adding the norton bootable tool and Mri if possible so i can add all these tools to my pin drive was wondering if somoene can help me out there
thank you