hp dv4 power issues

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heres whats happened. i have an HP dv4 series laptop. the ac adapter went bad and instead of being patient i "jimmy rigged" the charger to work. long story short one morning i wasn't paying attention and two wires were touching that weren't supposed to. i heard a little "bzzzzt" and immediately unplugged the charger. the day after this happened, the new charger arrived.

so the issue...i have no idea what is wrong. the battery still works. i have a 12 cell battery with an charging port on the battery itself for charging the battery independent of the computer. it still charges and holds a charge and works fine...its not the battery. whats odd is when i dont have the battery in the computer will not turn on when plugged into the ac adapter. it also wont charge the battery. whats even more odd is that when the battery is plugged in and i plug the ac adapter in, my computer shows that the battery is charging. says charging but no actual charge is going to the battery. the light by the charging port lights up and says that there is power going in (with the battery in the laptop). to sum it up....works with battery plugged in, shows battery is charging when ac adapter is plugged in, but no charge, absolutely no sign of life without the battery plugged in but with ac adapter plugged in.

what ive done. so the ac adapter is obviously new. i read some other forums and it led me to replace the connection between the ac adapter and the motherboard. didn't work. same results as above. i also ripped the laptop down to the mobo and didnt see anything wrong with it. now im no expert on mobos so i could have missed something simple.

im thinking it has something to do with the connection from the power connector cord to the mobo or the mobo itself. a pin or something is what i have seen from other forums.

any ideas?!? right now i have to unplug the battery from the computer and charge it separately from the computer. this will get annoying starting monday when im trying to do homework and can only use my computer for 5 hours then have to charge the battery for 2.5 hours. so im thinking of getting another battery and just have one charging while im using the other unless i can figure this out