1155 or 2011 ?

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hello ppl, im new to the site and wanted to introduce myself. my name is ecliption but my friends call me eclipse. Im originally from north jersey but now living in central pa.

I am having a hard time deciding which mobo to go with. I want to be able to have a fast, reliable, worthy rig that I can play any game on when I feel like playing. Im not a true hardcore gamer but I love knowing that I have good graphics. I do a lot of movie conversions { avi to dvd}. Is anyone else here having trouble trying to find Sandy Bridge E chips? I mean I have been searching for like a month and the only thing I can find is the 3960k and I don't have it like that to spend a grand on a chip. So that leaves me with 1155 .

Ive been reading alot about Ivy Bridge due out in April but I want my rig yesterday , ya feel me? But I will wait depending on if it will be truly worth the wait. What opinions do u guys have? I mean I want to build it ground up. But I am not given enough of a choice due to the so called intel chip shortage. I mean cmon intel has a shortage of chips? thats retarded. but again , what do I know? . SO please , chime in and break it down for me.

final thought . I really would like to have a X79 rig but may have to settle for lga 1155, thats what this whole topic was meant to say. LOL

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