WoW antihacking sofware is spyware.

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I am against hackers in online gaming but when you start using spyware to prevent the use of hax, then I have a problem.

The Warden is the reason I don't play WoW. It is perhaps the most invasive piece of anti-hax software ever written. Now they claim it only monitors for hacking tools but when someone looked at it they found it to be some NSA grade spyware. Total computer surveillance, it is ridiculous! Why not just use punkbuster like everybody else? Seriously, I don't think they need to spy on all of your online activities just to be Dr. Hax! Just look for the well known hax running, stay out of the system registry keys and browsers. You don't need to see who I am IMing or what I am looking at on the internet.

Another claim is that they said that the program would shut down when the game client was closed. Further examination revealed that there was code that allowed for the Warden to be activated remotely even if the game is not running. Also a rumor on the internet said that an executive at Blizzard Entertainment was visited by a person from the NSA for some undisclosed reason. After that, some sort of change was made to the game.

Oh and you get free virus protection because the Warden is constantly monitoring your system processes and if it finds one, your are BANNED until the virus is removed.