need high level assembly help (hla)

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In my college assembly class we are starting with high level assembly to ease the transition from other high level languages. By mid semester we will switch to pure assembly. The issue is installing the hla compiler in my Linux build. I downloaded it from the main site :
I extracted fully and place it in my /usr folder. I then echo the path and export it to my .bashrc I also export the other needed file paths. When I run "which hla" it finds it fine. But when I try to compile my code it gripes at me. It says hlaparse not found even though the path is exported correctly. I have even tried to alias it but to the same results. Any help or another compiler that would work would be greatly appreciated. I'm running Debian wheezy 3.2.0-2 I believe ( I'm not on my system right now but definitely 3.2). Thanks in advance

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