Adobe After Effects problems rendering correct quality

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So I took on a project doing voice overs for a clients videos. I created a 10 Second outro in 3D... I set the 10 second clip to render and left the house. I got home and saw that it finished 6hours and 37 minutes later... that seemed really weird to me right? So I took a look at the video clip it rendered in IMAX quality apparently. So the total file size is 2.21 GB.... So now I am wondering how to down convert a 10 second video from 2.21GB to something more reasonable such as 10-15MB without it decreasing the video quality to look like crap. any ideas? btw its the most beautiful 10 seconds you could ever imagine. lol wish I had time to upload it somewhere that you could watch it... only it would take hours to stream that 10 seconds... Sad

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