Can I connect to the Internet using a set-top box or similar?

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Dear Anyone

I don't have a phone-line socket where I live in England and it costs a lot to have one put in. Was wondering - can I use a Freeview (set top) box to connect to the Internet, NOT just for TV stations, but as a full-on Internet connection? I mean, if it can wirelessly transmit TV, surely it is/can wirelessly transmit Internet?

Or is there another way of getting wireless Internet that's faster/cheaper than a dongle? Ideally I'd like it broadband speed (don't want much, do I!) doesnt' have to be free (but cheap would be nice) and must be wireless/no landline needed (as I don't have a landline nor a landline socket).

Please - I'm NOT as clever as you guys so if there's any schneaky techie ways of doing this, break 'em down into small steps! I've had a look for nearby hot-spots but there aint one I can find - there's a pub that does free broadband for customers (Cloud) but it's too far away - just - for reliable signal (and it gets turned off when the pub closes anyway).

To reiterate - doesn't have to be free, does have to not need a flippin' landline. Incase areas matter, I'm in Sussex, UK.

Yours hopefully