WTF bad day

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Fuck man, this has nothing to do with the forum, but since I have no life, and I dont do social networks, Im going to bitch a little here.

Woke up this morning and no internet, my fucking squid had crashed, the box was still up, but none of my JBOD, (just a bunch of disks) that my squid uses for cache were working "Error: read only file system"

5 hard disks hosed!?!? nay, the fucking old hard disk controller gave up the ghost, fucking great, well, I was able to connect them all to the board, minus one, ok, box is back up.

FUCK, ar9485 fucking card has issues in debian, ranndom disconnects, user bitching asking for windows back if I cant fix it, ok fine, fuck it /etc/network/interfaces, set wpa supplicant manually, fuck the network-manager bullshit. problem solved? well see.

Lay down, go to bed, whoops no, cpu fan begins to make horrible grinding noise, unable to sleep, wake back up, replace cpu fan, come to soldierx and bitch, ok...

fuck ass, meanwhile all my users are either doing stupid shit to their computers trying to fix the problem while im sleeping, and fucking shit up bigtime, or, just pissed off at me, fucking shit.

oh well, everythings working again....for now..... (knocks on wood)

I fix computers and other shit, what the fuck did you think it meant?