Apparently I am on the FBI hackers watch list, hope I can find a way to get off.

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So one of my friends that is in the military with high security clearances came to me about a month ago and said "hey dude did you know that you are on the FBI Hackers watch list?" I was like "what do you mean?" He was like "Well I got bored and did a random federal and Interpol background check on you and you came up in the FBI hackers watch list having been suspected of three different hacks, two of which were on US government servers and one of which was on a school network." Well the school network hack I will confirm because I had the permission of one of the administrators to test the network security but didn't bother to report it to the rest of the network administrators one of which apparently reported it to the FBI. The two government servers that they apparently put me on the watch list for I will not confirm. Anyway, I haven't done a single illegal hack since I turned 18 just to keep my record clean, I have done quite a lot of security testing and playing with network I designed at home or in the cloud for penetration testing purposes. I am now 25 and wandering how the heck I can get myself off the FBI hackers database, or if that is a permanent record.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Does anyone know if I can verify that I am actually on this watch list and my friend isn't just messing with my head? Any help with this would be lovely.


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