Why I hate soldierx (shit that needs to be fixed)

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post about "jackedupedness here"
here is a list of shit we're currently working on

Fixing the tools/types
This shit was fucked from the beginning, I wasn't really a part of making the "types definitions" & neither was rat, he asked the community and never got back a relevant response so this shit is getting fixed!

Fixing hdb entries
This was also "fucked from the beginning" rat was at a point of being pissed off & in a rushed decision just left this open for user input. This resulted in too damn many "type variables" for associated keywords for each entry as it was based on user input.
We're fixing this shit.

Fixing search functionality
We're still researching this, but most of the "fuckedupedness" is due to the above to things being jacked all to hell.
Just an fyi, we're looking into it.

So if there is any other nonsense or corrections that need to be made about anything, please post here & we'll "look into it".


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