Ok its my turn to bitch

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So who the fuck does this company think they are, that I am contracted into.....
I am there as a hardware tech. That is it. I just maintain hardware. We have a
contract with them, the mother company that is (my main company that pays me) and they (the ones contracted with us)
are requiring that I do all kinds of shit. They wanted me to fucking set up their database
for them. I was like fucking no that is not my job. So then they bitch to my boss and
he caves into them and says just fucking do it. you are there it is not costing us anything
extra. I was thinking to myself that fuck if its not. I am providing services that you are
not getting paid for.... But no I have to just sit there and take all this like a bitch.
Then they give me instruction in email of exactly how they want it done. I am like
no problem I will have the done by this after noon. It won't be pretty but it will fucking
work. And they said ok.

I get it done. and not only do they fucking tell me I did it all wrong. Which I have documented
proof I did it right they bitch at me for not rolling new computers out. I am like FFS guys really?
And there is not a god damn thing I can do about it.. not a god damn thing because this
is the highest paying job in my area..... and this will get me my 5 years experience.

If they are going to fuck me they could at least use lube.

I am sure you know where I am coming from,