Music Editing Software

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This may be more appropriately place in software, but this music section is dead.

Anyways This is some good beats/ Recording software i've used or seen used.

Audacity[Windows,Linux,Mac] (next to Garage Band aka Garbage Band, Most popular that ive heard of)
Linux MultiMedia Studio [Windows, Linux]
FL STUDIO 12 [Windows, Mac]
Jokosher [Windows, Linux]
Wavosaur [Windows]
RecordForAll [Windows]( for podcasts, but its nice and simple.)
Traverso DAW [Windows, Mac, Linux]
Ardour [Mac, Linux]
Cakewalk [Windows, Mac] (Expensive best i've found if you want every pro tool for music editing, I can't think of one it doesn't have)
NCH Software [Windows, Mac] ( Great software, and you can run the trial forever as long as you never want to publish your work to an audio file.)

Interested to see what other might recommend, I mainly mix instrumental tracks with guitar, piano, drums, bass and make beats with these kind of softwares. Smile