Ongoing SX Networking Project

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Hello all!

For those who don't know me I am Od0_. I am an aspiring SX member, here to learn programming, security and maybe teach others if I can. I have a lot of experience in networking so my first real project here is focused around making tools in Python revolving around networking. Today I am posting my first update of the project. I'll post the code that I have and will continue to post the updates as they are done.

The goal of this project is to have a suite of tools to use for security and web professionals. This will will include a myriad of tools, everything from a hex converter to a brute force directory tool.

The other goal of this, for someone like myself who is new to programming, is to learn new programming skills and sharpen my existing ones. My favorite language so far is Python. I love working with it as it's one of the easier languages to learn and is also incredibly powerful. I will be posting code as the updates come in. Feel free to let me know of I do something wrong or if you have suggestions for a different or better way to make computers do stuff.

Thanks for reading!