Weekly Sprint to train the game character.

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Sorry I have attitude problem. After shutdown of phrack. i landed here . Cool Cash >)


One day,these machines will annihilate us .

od0_ wants to create game , where he don't want to play at all .
He wants that computer should play it and fuck the princess.

Since he want baby(computer) to train without nanny so we will go for unsupervised learning method.

Today we are working on design part, if i am alive (not busted and wealthy) , I will keep posting here about new adventures.
Initially I am starting with python and C++ if required .

FOr now since other will be reading this

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we can teach baby(machine) in two ways
without nanny - unsupervised learning .
for phd guys
Under nanny - supervised learning
for phd guys

For all idiot guys yes (I am idiot one) , if you replace the game with machine , you can enable him to do anything .

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