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I've been commonly new to Soldierx I go by some names atm u can just call me r0tn3tz (rotnets), but my main question/problem is where to start when i program
I started to try learning to program so I can stop being a damn script kiddie,

When I try to program I don't have a strong drive to push me to want to learn it but I still really want to learn it,
I have been using solo learn for a while now and I can't seem to focus on what I want to learn first,
I've jumped from Python to Ruby to C# and even Perl and I don't even know if I should start on those or start on something as simple as PHP, or HTML, or even Batch CMD.

What I'm asking for is what I language I should learn first where I'd be most effective and fluent in it (usually python is always recommended)
and I'm also asking for where I should learn it. "Learn programming the hard way" requires a purchase and I'm a student with no money and a school laptop who wants to mine bitcoin and has a good idea of making money using bitcoin but can't initiate it because to you guys it might be fairly easy to bypass my school system but I know nothing of programming or any way to get past anything.

I also want to bypass this shitty school system and I want to know a good programming language that'll help me the best.