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Now, a while back I was asked (and I think we all were asked in the last website update) by RaT himself, what I would like to learn more about, or what I was interested in these days that RaT himself could maybe even write a tut about. I'm starting this post out like this because I DO NOT want to hear anyone tell me "you should google that", because frankly, I know I can. I'm not looking for a tut written by someone I don't know, or someone I'm not a fan of there tuts, I'm looking for one of US to explain to me, or reiterate to me something about this subject, but here it goes.

I would like to know, and learn about event viewer. From what I understand so far, its a administrative utility that we as sys admins can use to check out and keep an eye on the performance of our machines, and the application, system, security, etc of our machines. But what I'd like to know is how it's used by sys admins, and hackers alike to monitor/admin computers. I'm very interested so don't think just because your not RaT, that you can't put in your 0.02$.