Fan Issue?

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The reason why I put a "question mark" in the subject, is because I'm not sure if it IS indeed a fan issue exactly.

It started a while back, I have a dell inspirion 1501. I've always loved dell but this laptop i've had to send back to dell several times because of what I thought was a video card issue. The screen would just freeze, the sound would still play like on a movie if I was watching it, but there'd be no video, and then shortly after that it would just have lines parallel from the top of my screen to the bottom. Well the last time I sent it back they sent a letter in it saying that all it needed was a driver, and I updated all my drivers so that WAS NOT the issue. So they send it back finally for the 3rd time and now when I shut it and open it back up the resolution is distorted, so I close it back and open it again, and the screen returns to its original state, the correct state. Thats not a big deal, because I can deal with that, thats something that doesn't bother me.

The problem I'm having is my damn fan on my laptop runs SO HIGH all the sudden, so high I can hear it over y damn television. I've ran some stress tests, and some video troubleshooting programs to try to find out if any application can detect any hardware issues MAYBE? I don't know worth a try, because I'm not opening it up. Sometimes when its running really high, I can touch where it says "Dell" right under the screen, but on the plastic not on the LCD screen, below it, right at the bottom of the screen, and its really hot. So hot, it actually hurts. Now this only happens sometimes, anyone who has any idea please get back to me, or if you have anymore questions pertaining to this that I didn't cover please let me know so I can better describe what exactly is going on with my laptop.

Thanks a lot everyone.