My SX MRI Release Candidate 1

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Okay, so this one doesn't have my own bootable software to replace the MRI PE yet (that is taking longer than I originally anticipated), so I just took the MRI.exe out of the new SoldierX MRI 5.0.4 and used it along with the boot.wim. I have modified all of the boot menus to match the rest of the SoldierX MRI PE and have added a few other programs. Not everything is working absolutely perfect, I just wanted to get everyone's opinion on what they think. I will be seeding this file for as long as I can. Please do the same guys. Here is the link:

If you have any questions/comments or think that something else should be added to this, please repost here and let me know so that I can get it in there. Talk to you guys later.

****Okay, so I corrected the tracker (screwed up the first time) and now the link should work. If it doesn't still, please let me know. I am uploading it to Megaupload right now, but that is going to take a few hours. Let me know how it works out.

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