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I found myself sitting up tonight, looking through some training videos, and tuts that I had over hardware, software, security, and programming, and I stopped at something I just don't know too much about. So I message a buddy of mine, because...well he was the only one online on a beautiful Saturday night, heh. When I got no responds, I thought, "hmm, I'll ask a bunch of people at one time." Rat asked me today, what would I like to see, what would I like to learn, what am I doing right now. I didn't have a good answer at the time, and, I told him a few things I was thinkin about working on. But I've always kind of been thinking more a long the lines of a programming language. And one I just don't know too much about at all, would be Perl. I'm going to google a bit, check out the videos, I have over it, and see what its all about, but I want to know what the community says about it as a whole.

Is it just for a web development?
What kind of programs, applications, etc, can it develop?
Is it just for Unix OS's?
Are there any prerequisites to Perl?
Would you call it a fav, programming language among avid programmers?

any input is always appreciated.