problem with mri? or with me?

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ok i got the gs mri burnt to disk ect.. ran it on my desktop no problems... ran it on my laptop and suddenly had "limited connectivity" on my wireless.. after two hours of screwing with it i rolled back to a restor point. instant internet. no router resets, remake wireless network ect.. nothing worked until i did the rollback.
now i could not find anything anywhere that could have caused this. everything looked kosher.

now question is. Did i do something wrong or is there a setting in the mri that would cause this? i did notice one thing i didnt like that it did was it killed my restor points. i had to go back and turn them on to use it. Just wandering what else it could have done to cause the internet issue.

any help would be appreciated as i would like to use this in my sideline of pc repair but dont wanna have these issues on customer pcs.